Calendar of Free* Classical Concerts in Jacksonville

*Listings of Jacksonville concerts advertised as FREE are compiled chiefly from online calendars. Listed concerts could be subject to change or cancellation, and additional concert listings might be added.  Most venue addresses are given at left.

Wednesday, August 10 @ 12 noon
Lunch @ the Lounge with John "Johnny the Claw" Piantadosi

A New Jersey native, John studied bass at Berklee College of Music in Boston and currently performs on guitar and vocals, as well as bass, with various local bands. Affectionately known as, “Johnny the Claw,” he also teaches bass & guitar privately, is involved with numerous recording projects, and is a member of the worship band at Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church and former Music Director at Jacksonville Anglican Fellowship (The Ship). Enjoy his music while you eat your lunch at the Lounge @ 303 North in the Main Library on Wednesday, August 10 at noon.
* JPL - Mail Library - The Lounge at 303 North

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